Friday, February 8, 2013

Second hand shop in Lithuania: Finnish books and Dutch wooden shoes

Lithuania is most certainly not the Walhalla for foreigners looking for non-Lithuanian books. As far as Kaunas concerns pretty much none of the bookshops provide English books, not to mention literature in German, French or any other language. However, there is one hidden place I’ll now reveal where hardly anything Lithuanian can be found and where especially Dutch, German, Swedish and a huge load of Finnish publications can be bought. From thrillers to bibles and children books to ‘how to massage’ manuals, there is for sure enough interesting stuff laying around there.

So, there I went, to a sweet, small, blue, little, wooden building filled with secondhand stuff you don’t need, originating mainly from brave Scandinavians and Dutchman who finally managed to reduce the mess on their attic. For the case you’re interested, it’s located opposite of VMU’s Humanities Faculty. 

Soon I discovered I wouldn’t really find what I was actually looking for (yet). I hoped to spot an amusing Swedish children book in order to get more accustomed to the use of grammar. Cooking books about how to present an excitingly different smörgåsbröd didn’t really fit to my definition of amusement, so instead I had a look at what kind of books Dutch people wanted to get rid of. ‘Barbie at the hairdresser’, ‘The Ponyclub’ and ‘Grandmothers health tips’. I wonder who would buy these books. This thought counts for the enormous amount of Finnish abracadabra too. Maybe another lost soul who ended up in Lithuania but rather spends the rest of his or her life in Finland or so. Yeah, I can imagine that. 

Just for fun I had a look at the non-book section of the shop as well. I guess I’ve been walking the same round at least five times but still every step I was amazed about what I discovered now again. 

Some examples:

An ugly plastic tile with a Dutch quote about gardening

A reflector from Folktandvården Östergötland

Wooden shoes decorated with a flag from ‘Grunn’ (Groningen)

A button stating ‘Ik ben 8’ (I am 8 years old)

A wide range of My Little Pony’s who would not survive another round of hair brushing

A salt and pepper set ‘beautified’ with dancing Dutch cows

And, last but not least, a used, half full deodorant roller, iiiew!

Surprisingly I did manage to find something I could actually use. A little paper box with tiny cards depicting flowers and a description about them and their specialties in Swedish. Perfect for a little translation job in order to learn some new words. I guess this had been laying around in a summer cottage a little too long. At least, it smells like that. Furthermore I found the excellent holder for my pencils and paperclips: a wooden shoe! A small, red one, just like I used to have when I was small. Made in Holland, of course.

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