Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Learning yet another language. My favorite Swedish words!

Slowly but steady I'm trying to learn some Swedish. It's a bit difficult since I don't really know where to start. I'm not taking any courses and I do not have standard learning books, I'm just trying to teach myself. I noticed it works out pretty well to just go to the library (in Sweden of course) and borrow some children books. They contain easy sentences and provide the basic knowledge I'm looking for. After a couple of weeks reading tiny books (with teeth marks and food traces) and watching quite a lot of Swedish TV I noticed there are a couple of words which I really adore. 

Here a small collection:

flodhäst (I seriously just wrote down hästflod first) - A hippo. A fat floating horse. The drawing depicting this lovely flödhast almost faded away the knowledge of hippo's being cruel murderers, if necessary.

allihop - Everyone. It sounds like a childish but happy word which I guess is difficult to say with a serious and annoyed facial expression.

ingenting - Nothing. Especially nicely sounding when stressed: ING-EN-TING!

drottning - I came across this word when I was trying to read a Swedish Wikipedia text about the Netherlands. Drottning Beatrix, how sweet is that?! It's not really a word I'd consider to sound so powerful actually. To me, drottning sounds more like a little round piece of cake with a chocolate topping.

sju - Seven. 'Guuu'. This is a very strange word which is written the way how people from (especially the Northern part of) the Netherlands would pronounce the French word 'jus'. Swedes however say guu.

struts - An ostrich, way more easy to pronounce than the Dutch equivalent 'struisvogel'. For all non-Dutchmen; it's not 'strAUsvogel', the 'ui' is something unique and till now I never managed to explain how exactly to talk out this tone. Struisvogel. Nej. Struts struts struts. That's nice.

lagom - Just enough, not too little, not too much. The word itself is not so exciting, it is however a very useful word. 'How much do you want to drink or eat?'. Lagom. In between.

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