Monday, February 11, 2013

I can breathe again, hmm!

The second school week has started already again and since I’ve arrived here a lot has changed. I have to get used to the fact that all my best friends are gone and that there are so many new students walking around I don’t know yet. Most of them seem to be in a party wave, being overexcited about being an Erasmus student, able to party and drink distanced from parental supervision at least 1000 km. I have never really understood this party behavior and I guess it will also never happen. Another thing I’m not eager about is smoking, and oh how terrible, my bed was situated right next to the wall behind which the smoking room is located. Every evening, and especially during loud party nights (during which I’m one of the few students just going to bed on a decent time) the smoking room is filled with tipsy students and the toxic gasses their enormous amount of cigarettes produce. Isolation doesn’t really seem to exist in the dictionary of this dormitory. Therefore  I often felt like laying in the middle of the smoking room when trying to catch some sleep. Well, that problem is over now. My lungs are delighted with my persistence to get a new room. Now I’m in Jenny and Melissa’s old room where I can breathe in fresh air as much as I wish. What a delight! Yi from China is my new roommate and I’m very pleased to share my room with her. Furthermore I’m the proud owner of this inspiring view ;-)

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