Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to reality

This post is about a recent phenomenon I’ve been observing without too  much understanding from my side. It’s about people going from A to B and their use of phones, laptops, tablets and maybe also mp3 players to a slight extend. In contemporary society it seems that no time has to be waste on opportunities to work or to be entertained. Mobility creates offices in busses, trains, restaurants and all other places devices can connect to the internet. Of course, this can be very pleasant for business meetings at a hotel’s conference room or students working on their projects at Starbucks (or in case of Lithuanian students Vero Café or Coffee Inn). 

The issue I want to stress is that nowadays just ‘doing nothing’ seems to be something scarce. Take a look around you, people on the street seem to be deformed with one of their hands glued their ears with a little cell phone in between. They’re desperately talking to the person they’ll anyways meet later that day. Why not wait to tell your personal miseries then instead of spreading it like an avalanche through the street? The same counts for endless phone calls during the use of public transport. I personally rather watch the landscape then being forced to listen to gossips about who kissed who during last party night and how drunk everybody was.

People travelling by train one by one stare at their little screens which indoctrinate them with yet another load of useless information instead of looking through the window, observe the weather, the landscape and the fact that even though spring is still far away, the first signs of blossoming trees can in fact be spotted already now. They probably don’t hear their brains screaming for a little break because of the volume coming out of their earplugs.

I remember a TV commercial from KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) in which was stated that the journey itself is just as important as the final destination. So true! Of course, when taking the same route to school every single day I can understand you are not that impressed anymore by the environment you already know so well. Still, people seem not to be able to just do nothing anymore, to enjoy, to relax, to just sit down and look around a bit. Take a random waiting room of a doctor or a hallway in a university two minutes before the class starts. Pretty much everybody stands around with their heads bended over, checking their Facebook wall for a fifth time in a row. 

If they will already realize at all, I’m afraid so many people will regret not having seen and felt life how it is now. They might have tons of movie clips and pictures, but did they actually see the world through their own eyes, or simply just trough the screens of their smart phones? Do people still perceive reality? Do people still smell the rain after a warm day, the freshness of ice cold weather and do they still hear the birds sing and enjoy spotting storks, cranes, swans,…? Sometimes it’s just better to put all that technological stuff away, activate your senses and just enjoy. Look around you and see that the world consist of things pixels can’t substitute.

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