Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Filzmoos 2013: Monday and Tuesday

No balloons to be seen Monday. Too bad sight, too much snow. Together with Lasse, Inga-Lill, Bengt, Hasse, Tore, Peter, Henrik and Ulf I made a 7km long trip towards a cozy little Austrian food-place.  Nothing better than a germkn√∂del floating in melted butter after a long walk, hmm!

During diner Simon’s cousin Hanna got baptized and ever since she’s the proud owner of the title ‘Ballonggrevinna af Dachstein’. When it was supposed to be bedtime we got a free screaming concert of our Dutch neighbor, a little boy who obviously didn’t agree on something. Besides his high dissatisfied frequencies my ears had most trouble with the creative amount of very, very bad swearing words from both of his parents. 

Tuesday seemed to be a nice day for some ballooning, however, the wind was pretty strong. It seemed to be something local, so with a lot of helping hands Simon managed to lift off and make a long, nice flight (with a soft landing!). He flew around 33km, however, when retrieving in the mountains it’s easy to drive around 80km for the same distance. We passed Gosau and saw a lot of balloon teams retrieving from the balloon event there. Nice! I feel like my grandmother now, but oh, the Austrian environment is really breathtaking (and for the insiders: the driver was very good too!).

Let’s see about tomorrow and the rest of the week. The weather doesn’t look that wonderful unfortunately…

Currently I’m sitting in the hotel lobby accompanied by four Dutchman who don’t realize I’m one of their fellow-countryman. I secretly enjoy this very much since they obviously come from the same farmer-like region I originate from. Haven’t heard this dialect for over half a year! Seems they just started their ‘let’s look at pictures from our grandchildren and melt away with oooehh’s and aaah’s’ –phase. ‘Leeeeuwwwk heee?’. Ow no, now it’s about all their diseases and insurance coverage; I better have a look for my Swedish friends!

For the Dutchmen: 

‘Ja jong, wat ‘n ziekte, en dan he’m ze ook nog kleine kinder!’.

‘Wat is de mooise plek van Groningen? De bus naar Friesland’. 

‘We he’m het Pieterpad geloop’n met vrie’n van oons. Nederland heeft ook heeeeule mooie plekkies’.

‘Oma Jannie en Opa Appie, he’.

‘Ee’m lekker optutt’n’.

Ok, doeg.

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