Sunday, January 13, 2013

Filzmoos 2013: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Hello from Filzmoos, Austria!

A little update about our trip southwards. Thursday afternoon, on my 23th birthday, I started my journey together with a bunch of balloon minded Swedes. During the evening we took the ferry to Rostock (Germany) on which we stayed overnight. An interesting mix of passengers... Polish and German truckers and a group of Swedes singing 'happy birthday' to the Dutchy. The whole Friday we have been driving, from North to South Germany. In Burghausen, a German/Austrian village we took a well-deserved rest. The view from our hotel was absolutely breathtaking; the old city center of Burghausen and its longest (around 1,2 km) 'burg' of Europe. During a filling Bavarian meal I got another ' happy birthday' concert, followed by my very own Ballongklubben AndrĂ©e winter jacket as a present. ''Welcome to the club!''. Thanks guys! The next morning Simon was so kind to give us a nice tour through the long streched historical castle. 

After 127 km of driving we reached Filzmoos. A long bearded horse-taxi-driver singing a happy jodel song noted me and said ''Oh, Alles Gute! Und du! Wie Engelhaft!''. Thanks again. The first long missed German chocolate bars were bought, the Austrian beer was tested and also the sauna and swimming pool were used well. The nice thing about this balloon event in Filzmoos is that there is no rush. Pilots and crew have breakfast in peace and prepare themselves to go to the launch field whenever they wish. This morning Simon made an interesting flight with Bengt, Hanna and Christer. There was quite some fog and when being above the clouds, not exactly knowing where you're located above the mountains, that can be quite challenging. Luckily it went all fine and they came down to earth softly. Inga-Lill, Lasse and I retrieved slowly, enjoying the beautiful nature Austria has to offer. Even my sensitive balance organ could handle the twisty small roads very well today, what a luck.

Now it's time to take a little rest and to join the night glow later on this evening. All the best!

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