Sunday, November 4, 2012

Young Nienke's Flag Obsessed Racer Design

Somewhere in a dark dusty corner on the world wide web I discovered a little art work made in my younger years. I think at that time, if I would have been able to design my own Racer, it would have looked like this. Seems I had a little fascination for flags.

Looking back at it now I think Estonia would be pretty honored having a place right in the middle of the Scandinavian countries. Funny also how I tried to make a distinction between the Austrian and Latvian flag. I obviously didn’t have a maroon-colored pencil. Seems like I did succeed in making a distinction between the Dutch flag and the one from Luxembourg. Red, white, blue and red, white, light-blue. If I’d only knew that the most African-like flag would be the one of the country I’d call ‘home’ the last two years of my study career…