Sunday, November 11, 2012

Unexpected notes caressing your ears

Do you know this feeling? Sometimes, when you least expect it, you are touched by musical notes of joy and happiness, pleasing your ears and your inner being. Others around you often don’t even notice it. The inspiration for this little blog post came after a drink in the pub with my international friends. When preparing to leave, after a long sit with modern music, suddenly P. Lion with his ‘happy children’ was played. “Oooh, this 80s beat, love it!”. For me it was a welcome change of form. However, it raised some of my friends’ eyebrows.

Right before the basketball match between Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania) and Cedevita Zagreb (Croatia), starting the warming up phase of the players as well as the supporters, it was suddenly there. A deep bass. I felt it straight away without even having heard the first few truly recognizable notes. Alan Parsons Project's Sirius! I absolutely love that. In a time in which commercial music is taking over the world some true hearted classic pops up without any announcement. The only problem is… When something like this happens I get a massive smile on my face and say “oh listen!”, people look at me as if I’m crazy. “Listen? To what?”. Somehow I can really enjoy these small things, probably because their so scarce.

Maybe you’ve experienced something like this before. Being in the supermarket, ready to pay and leave, but the song on the radio is so good you’d rather cross the cookies and chocolate department once again before going to the pay desk. I had that recently when walking around in IKI with a shopping cart filled with an onion, a paprika and a beer – no worries, I still had the ingredients for a proper meal at home. There it was. This mysterious song. Violins through whole IKI. A delightful bass. Hmm, nice! Since the sweets department was packed with hungry students I decided to investigate the small shampoo section while actually just listening to this calming song, trying to memorize parts of the lyrics in order to be able to find the song back later on. And, it worked. “Trouble is my middle name but in the end I’m not too bad” is what I remembered. In this case Google is your best friend. Hello Hooverphonic with Mad About You! Nice, a Belgian band through the loudspeakers of a local Lithuanian supermarket. Such a shame I never discovered this Bond-like song (released in 2000 already!) ever before. 

Enjoying the small things is what it's all about!