Tuesday, November 20, 2012

American-Danish-Dutch radio spirit collected online

Even though I don’t like to listen back to it myself – I’m not in love with my own voice –  you might wonder what keeps the international students living in Kaunas busy. There is probably no better summary of that to be found than the conversations in the High, Drunk and Fat Show hosted by Sarunas (America), Astrid and Simon (Denmark) and myself (The Netherlands).

For the ones who are not aware of the meaning of the show’s name a short explanation once again. Since we’re joking around with stereotypes (we’re aware of that) we decided to call me ‘high’, because of the coffeeshops in the Netherlands, the Danes are said to be drunk all the time and the Americans to be fat. So, there it is. The High, Drunk and Fat Show. The nice thing is that Sarunas is the most skinny American I've ever seen, I don't use drugs and the Danes... well, they are not always drunk. Just sometimes.

Simon was so kind to collect all shows made till so far by putting them on his Mixcloud profile. Click here to find them! We’re heading towards the last shows of the 2012 fall semester already. Time flies!