Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nienke on air! Not in a balloon this time.

I found myself a nice little hobby here in Kaunas! Together with Sarunas from the States and Astrid and Simon from Denmark I’m hosting a weekly one hour radio show at VMU (Vytautas Magnus University) radio station. We somehow managed to come up with this original title ‘The High, Drunk and Fat Show’, based on the stereotypes of the hosts’ home countries. In the Netherlands everybody is high, in Denmark they’re all drunk and the Americans, well, they’re fat. 

We just finished our second show, but don’t worry, there are a lot more to come. Are you curious? Check out the High, Drunk and Fat Show right here!

We’re talking about the Kaunas film festival, discussing our first experiences in Kaunas and we’re giving tips on how to beat the flu. In between our favorite music and light talks Astrid is surprised with a huge muffin because of her 23th birthday. A little extra: 3 birthday songs live on air! One in Danish, one in Lithuanian and one – with my absolute non-singer voice – in Dutch! You don’t want to miss out on that…

So, for next Friday don't forget to tune in at 4PM (GMT+2) at