Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mysterious lady and the ‘mooie fiets’

After the Monday class had come to an end I walked home together with Marco and Marina from Spain, Jun from South Korea and Astrid from Denmark. I took a little sprint to the tree on the opposite of the road on which I attached my bike. Marina had never seen the green speed devil before. ‘Wow, nice bike!’, she said. One meter away from us an old lady stopped and stared at me while unlocking my bike. I guess she was around 75 years old. Her grey hair was tidily put together and her clothes looked fresh and proper. ‘Do you like it as well?’, I asked her. ‘Mooie fiets’, she responded. Did she really just say ‘nice bike’ (in Dutch)? Wow, that’s awkward! How did she know I’m Dutch? She started a whole conversation in an interesting language. 70% was broken-German mixed with 30% pure Dutch words pronounced in a foreigner kind of way. I answered her in Dutch but later on switched to German because that seemed to be a bit more easy for her. She started a conversation about all kind of topics you can imagine. From Lithuanian bread to some kind of tv show she claimed to be starring in the day after. Most of the time I had no clue what she was really trying to say, but still, she seemed sweet, caring and friendly. She pointed out that she could see we’re foreigners because of our smiles. Lithuanians don’t smile so often, she pointed out. Well, from what I’ve noticed Lithuanians smile a lot more than Latvians and Estonians, so it could have been even worse. However, that’s another topic. Only then she asked us about our nationalities. She was positively surprised when I mentioned I’m Dutch. But, wait a minute, why did she start to speak Dutch to me without her not even knowing I’m from the Netherlands? Strange. In all her excitement she started another story, this time about her husband who definitely seemed to have a typical Dutch name. I didn’t understand much more of it. But, why does she speak mainly German when her husband is Dutch? Why was she so eager to tell me all these stories in this interesting Deutsch-Dutch way of speaking? How vague... After a little small talk with this random stranger we followed our way back home with frowned eye brows. Was this mysterious lady sent to us by a higher force in order to give us ‘a sign’? We’ll probably never know…

 Me on my bike a little earlier this year with my biggest bike-fan from Estonia (hey, a smiling Estonian!!!) :)