Monday, September 10, 2012

Two jackets and a backpack with snacks

A little photo report about the weekend trip to Curonian Spit and Palanga. We planned to go to the Hill of Crosses as well, but... Just read on and see what happened.

We left Kaunas heading to Curonian Spit. This is a strange but fascinating piece of land devided between Russia (Kaliningrad) and Lithuania. At a certain moment we were even able to actually see Russia!

We made a nice tour over the Hill of Witches, an adventurous path trough the forest guiding us alongside wooden sculptures depicting Lithuanian myths.

You probably didn't expect Lithuania to look this breathtaking, right? Me neither.

Time for a group picture! In total around 100 foreign students joined so this is just a small part of them.

Whoops! Here it went wrong. The bus started to shake around and didn't sound too healthy anymore. With high speed we tried to get one of the last ferries back to the mainland but with such a tire it seemed impossible. I managed to get into the second bus which was all fine. We made it to Klaipeda and from there we drove on to Palanga. Afterwards I heard the other bus was on the right way as well, which means it had been driving with the tire as shown on the picture. Madness!

My roommate Astrid fits perfectly within the interior of our funky hotel room. We watched some weird Russian MTV and had a tasty Lithuanian beer while discussing all the bus-crazyness of that day.

Palanga, what a nice happy place. A sunny breakfast in the park, a visit to the seaside and a soup for lunch which didn't cost me more than 0,85 eurocent. I stay Dutch and money saving after all.

Off to the Hill of Crosses! 'Dream on', said the replaced tire. Only 20 minutes after our departure from Palanga the tire gave up already. There we were, in the middle of nowhere in Lithuania. The tire was removed and eventually the busdriver drove with full speed towards the next village in order to get the bus fixed again. So, yes, it was driving away while missing one tire. The trip to the Hill of Crosses was canceled and finally, half a day later, we arrived in Kaunas. All students sighed with relief when stepping out of the bus. 'We survived!'.

Moral of the story supported by the forest girls: always be prepared. Take a backpack with you, fill it with food and drinks and eventually some study stuff so you don't have to do that at home anymore. Ohja, and an extra jacket is also always useful.