Sunday, September 16, 2012

Randomness; weddings, basketball, kitsch choir and sushi. Oh, and Lego!

And another week in Kaunas has passed by. I have to get used making a full time occupation of something which was never so much my hobby: reading. Huge academic texts about all kind of vague topics. I feel like the down to earth Northern Dutchman with the topics all floating somewhere up in the sky, far above me, out of reach. Let’s see how to get through all this. Some things just need some time in order to get used to them. 

After spending a whole day in the library during my free Friday I went out for dinner with Astrid and Sophie. So delicious. So cheap. I like it here. During the evening all kind of activities were planned around the city. We joined some other foreign students for some live music performed by a Lithuanian band. There it went wrong. The guy who sat one meter away from us suddenly turned around facing us, his body all cramped and his eyeballs rolling like crazy. An epileptic attack. He smacked on the floor and luckily some security guys kept him from hurting himself. With a fork they opened up his mouth so he wouldn’t bite his tongue. What a scary sight. The ambulance arrived in just a few minutes and we all decided to leave. The unfortunate guy seemed to be pretty much ok in the end…

Saturday I discovered some touristless side streets of Kaunas together with Astrid, Anete and Melissa. I absolutely love these discovery tours. Hidden wooden houses with sweet gardens, wild looking cats everywhere, abandoned sheds full with garbage and old glory from around 1900. Everything is to be found here, as long as you’re brave enough to leave the common path. 

Astrid and I felt the sudden urge to play with Lego so we hopped in the first toy shop we came across and bought ourselves some Danish pleasure. We have a house, three cars and a petrol station. Hours of fun guaranteed! 

In the city center we found a lot of random activities going on. There were at least 3 weddings, however, you could also play basketball, listen to a child choir in kitsch clothes singing not much more than ‘heeeeej, heeeeej’ (ear worm) or participate in a workshop making sushi. 

Saturday evening it was pancake night! Danes, Georgians,  a Czech, Belgian and Dutch one; that’s what the group consisted of. It was a great success! We ended the evening at the Pop Star bar where it happened to be 80s/90s night (otherwise Nienke the absolute not-party animal would never ever have joined). There were a lot of curious Lithuanians asking about our roots. It kind of got a bit annoying that every time I told I’m from the Netherlands the first response was ‘Whaaaaat! Cool! You can smoke weed legally!’. Eventually I just pretended to be from Sweden. That worked.