Monday, September 3, 2012

Introduction week Kaunas

The first week in Kaunas is over. Luckily everything went upwards after the internet, bed sheet and warm water drama of the first day. All international students joined a well organized orientation week during which we got to know more about Kaunas and each other. It’s good to be surrounded with so much happiness. All foreign students simply rock and the employees of Vytautas Magnus University are the most friendly, welcoming and helpful persons I’ve ever met in the Baltics. 

 He's always cycling around with his cat!

The last week was packed with activities. During the weekend we went to see Lithuania’s capital Vilnius and we also made a stop at the impressive Trakai castle. Together with Astrid and Sophie I made an ‘adventurous’ tour through Kaunas’ central market. You might want to take a look at the pictures I made there. A link can be found below. Since I’m not a party animal I decided to skip the opening party in a night club outside the city center of Kaunas. When all other students were still struggling with their after party coma I made a great tour through the old town of sunny Kaunas, of course ending up in quiet streets with abandoned old glory buildings. The orientation game organized by ESN was one not to forget easily. We had to jump around like ducks and frogs and even three days after many students were still complaining about their extreme muscle pain. 

 A true Vytautas Magnus University student now!

This afternoon I’ll attend my first lecture. I’m a bit nervous for the whole workload which will come!

For the case you’re interested to see some snapshots from Kaunas you’re more than welcome to have a look at my picture gallery.