Friday, September 21, 2012

Dutch, Deutsch, Danish?

Nienke: ‘Hey, I’m here to report a damage. One of the light bulbs broke down.’

Receptionist: ‘Where?’

Nienke: ‘In the hall of my apartment’

Receptionist: ‘Ok.. Can I note down your name please?’

Nienke: ‘Bos’

Receptionist: *surprised face* ‘Ahaa, the big boss!’

Nienke: ‘Oh well, it actually just means forest so it’s not that impressive’

Receptionist: ‘In which language?’

Nienke: ‘Dutch’

Receptionist *questionmark in his eyes*

Nienke: ‘So, not Deutsch, but Dutch‘

Receptionist: ´Aaah, you're from Denmark!´

Nienke: *great..* ‘No, no, The Netherlands'

Receptionist: *questionmark in his eyes*

Second receptionist: *couldn’t stand it anymore* ‘HOLLAND!’

Receptionist: ‘Ahaaaa! Nice!’