Friday, August 10, 2012

Midsummer Night Magic. A picture special.

I came across some pictures lately which are probably worth sharing. I spent some weeks in Finland this summer and during midsummer eve I joined my guest mom to her summer cottage for a couple of days. What a lovely time we had, even though we were far away from civilized world. The white nights in Finland have a certain magic. You should just be there once in order to understand. After a visit to the traditional bonfire, a sauna session and a fair amount of alcohol it was time to go to bed. Or… almost. Since there was nothing bathroom-like available at the cottage I was brushing my teeth in the middle of the forest. I couldn’t stop myself from getting my camera afterwards since this was my view:

This is probably the best view I’ve ever had during my tooth brushing ceremony! It was so peaceful. I guess I never brushed my teeth for such a long time.

The light was so spectacular during this evening. I took the above picture between 0.00 and 01.00 o'clock! There was hardly any wind as you can see on the water.

A little hint from the sun is still visible here. Two 'kuikka' (as the gavia arctica is called in Finnish) were still awake as well, shouting out some spectacular sounds which almost reminded me on the gibbons in Emmen Zoo. Except this was more like a 'kooooiika, koooooiika' kind of noise. Very impressive, especially because of the echo that followed.

Again a picture taken after midnight. I couldn't get enough of this fantastic view. Finland rocks!