Monday, August 27, 2012

Kaunas. Day 1.

My first day in Kaunas. Goodbye civilization! I had the idea I traveled back in time when entering my new ‘home’. It will for sure take a while before I’d really consider this place as a true comfortable home. It took some effort to explain the receptionist that I wanted to sign in, get my keys and explore my new room. I was quite in need of that after a 6 hour bus trip and a huge load of luggage to carry with me on a rainy day. Quite fascinating how these kind of Baltic reception people never really seem to speak English, especially not with around 150 excited foreign students around (yeah, stereotype, I know). Anyways, eventually I was told where to find my new room. A girl from Estonia was so kind to help me with my luggage. In Lithuania it’s common to share a very small room with one or two other persons, so I was curious to find out who that would be for me. A Danish girl! What a luck. Very calm, friendly and funny. That was the positive side of my arrival. Then it went downwards. Internet? No. Hot water? No. Bed sheets? No. Try to arrange that on Lithuania’s holy Sunday! Not too much in the mood for it I went down to the receptionist again. ‘Blanket, what is blanket? Bed sheet? Pillow? What you need?’. So, I first had to perform a little stage play showing where I need these items for. ‘No, not today, tomorrow’. No warm cozy night for Nienke! The water stayed cold the rest of the day. Half of the power plugs is dead. Oh, and I’m also not allowed to get a key to the front door. ‘Sorry, you’re not in the system, come back tomorrow’. But, one little positive thing. The student in charge of the internet managed to fix a nice connection from my laptop to the world wide web. No wifi, of course, just with an old fashioned white cable. Welcome to Lithuania!