Thursday, June 21, 2012

The squirrel and an interesting moustache

Just a short message from Finland this time. Time passes by so fast! I’m having a great time here, even though it has been quite rainy lately. The Graphic Design course is over already. Today I presented my final work and I’m quite happy with the result. As soon as the class was over all Chinese classmates got their camera’s out of their bags and fanatically started to make group pictures. When I answered their question with ‘yes, this is indeed my real hair color’ I had pose for some pictures with all of the girls separately. I felt like a giant monster! They were all so sweet and tiny. 

Nature keeps on surprising me. I took a long walk through the forest last week and Sunday I managed to make a beautiful bike tour during the two hours it was not raining that day. What a beautiful country. The forest smells great and all the flowers look so colorful. When I visited my friend Olga, she was my classmate last year, we spotted a hedge hock adorably running around the grass field. This morning I came across a squirrel right in front of the house. This little creature was pretty curious and not too shy for a small photoshoot. I love it here!

Because of midsummer I’ll join my guest mom and brother to their summer cottage for a long weekend. I’m curious how that will be.. Back to nature, no electricity.. As long as there is a sauna it should be fine. I’ll also take my camera with me so I can keep you up to date about my discoveries as soon as I return.

One last thing… When I cycled home this afternoon I came across such a weirdo! He was wearing an antique army outfit and was marching around like a true soldier. Furthermore, he had a Hitler moustache! This looked so silly. 

Well, that’s it for now. All the best from Suomi. Moi moi!