Thursday, June 7, 2012

The moose is loose

Again a little update from the country without night. Luckily I have no problems to catch some sleep when it’s still so light outside. 

A few little things I want to tell about…

Tuesday evening I had a look at the new house of my guest mother Anu. She will move next summer if everything goes following plan. Last year I had a look here as well, but there was not much more to see than rocks and trees. Now a beautiful red painted house was standing on top of the hill, far away from any neighbors. It’s a lovely place Anu and her fiancée can be very proud of. 

On our way back home we saw a car parked right next to the road, actually in the middle of nowhere. Anu told me she heard on the news that last weekend one man had an accident with a moose crossing the street. That was the car of that man. Quite scary to see how ruined that vehicle was! Seems like the moose died at the spot. Wow, that must have been quite traumatic for that poor car driver. 

The Wednesday morning lesson went all fine. I voluntarily stayed two hours longer to work a bit on my Photoshop skills. I’m very happy I took this course! I learned already how to work with a lot of useful tools.  
When I wanted to cycle back home I spotted one small dark cloud. Since I’m not made out of sugar I just took the risk. One kilometer further it started. First some small drops… Then some huuuge hail stones! I didn’t know that could be so painful. Within five minutes all streets were flooded. There was no place to shelter and my clothes were anyways soaked already. Brrr, cold.

Wednesday evening I joined Anu for a visit to her fiancée. They had some quality sauna time together and I decided to take a walk. On my way I discovered some abandoned houses and sheds. It was very exciting to stroll around there! Since moving images say more than words I made a small movie about this. You can check it out here.

Just like last year I’m attacked by the Finnish Air Forces again…  My head, face and hands are covered with incredibly itchy mosquito bites. Long live the anti-itch stick I brought with me from the Netherlands!

Tomorrow the last school day of the week. Let’s see what I’ll do this weekend… If the weather allows I’d like to make a long bike trip Saturday. Ohja, I want to watch some soccer too!