Friday, May 18, 2012

When I think about Lithuania I think about...


Regarding this flag you might think that the championship will take place in a warm African country. But… no. No coconuts. No elephants. No safari retrieve vehicles. Off to Lithuania! 

A nice little fact though: the temperatures look exceptionally good! All the times I've been in the most southern Baltic State my nose was about to freeze off, so I'm looking very much forward to see a ray of sunshine there.

Just to give you a slight idea about which country I’m talking about…

When I think about Lithuania these things pop up in my mind:

- My future university in Kaunas

- Basketball

- Vilnius

- In Your Pocket city guides, which is founded there

- Flat countryside with… nothing and storks

- Larger than the Netherlands

- Potatoes

- Happier people than in Estonia and Latvia

- Panevėžys, a small city I only like about its sweet ‘this is how I sneeze’-like name, for the rest I think it looks all a bit dirty there

- Dutch news articles about drunk Lithuanians and stealing Lithuanians in the Netherlands

- Snow

- Poland

- My Lithuanian USSR bike

- A small city named Druskininkai. Never been there but love the name

- Chicken burgers from Hesburger (which is a Finish chain but can be found in any small Lithuanian farmer village as well)

- Artistic people

- The confusion of not understanding the language even though it looks so much like Latvian (except for the fact that the often used ‘y’ doesn’t exist in the Latvian alphabet)

- The few Lithuanians I know are all very friendly

That's about it. I can’t tell you much more about the country than this (apart from its role in the Baltic struggle to independence, but that’s another topic). So, let’s see if  I can add some things to this list after a week of ballooning in what Lithuanans call ‘Lietuva’.