Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday 23 May: General briefing and opening ceremony

This morning we checked out the surroundings of Marijampole. We ended up at a small airbase where we had a look at two interesting aircrafts. The general briefing was scheduled at 13.00 o’clock and was supposed to take around two hours. In half an hour it was finished. Not a lot of new info was provided. Actually everything was already clear after having read the rulebook. The briefing took place in a nightclub called Luna. Quite interesting, such a disco ball and funky lights everywhere while the place is filled with sporty clothed balloonists. 

At 17.00 o’clock the opening ceremony took place at the square next to our hotel. Happy people from all over the world, some words from the mayor of Marijampole and speeches from the officials. There was even a band playing the Lithuanian and FAI anthems.  

At 18.30 o’clock we had to be at the competition center again for the evening briefing. Like expected the evening flight was cancelled because of the wind. Such a pity. We’ve been waiting on the launch field for quite a while. The storks seemed quite confused about the fact their nice field was suddenly occupied by balloon trailers. End of story: black flag.

Quite interesting… Marijampole has its own Ultra Magic bar! Ballooning pictures all over the place and some of the seats even look like balloon baskets. They had some wonderful garlic bread there. However, I’m not so sure if the rest of the crew was too happy with my decision to order a portion of that stuff. After half a box of mints I dared to speak again without holding my hand in front of my mouth. Sorry guys!

No flight tomorrow morning. At 08.00 o’clock there will be a briefing though so let’s see what the officials have for news.

Now first a few hours of sleep! Nighty night!