Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday 22 May: Second test flight

After a wonderful power nap I took a walk through Marijampole with Jonas and Simon, My goodness, it was so warm! Before heading to the launch field Simon somehow thought he had magical powers. He walked straight into a glass window. Auw! The bump on this forehead is still visible. Oops!

Together with some Lithuanians and the American team we prepared for a flight at the field near the hotel. The balloon next to us was a brand new Ultra Magic with the weapon of Marijampole on it. Catholic as Lithuania is the balloon was baptized by a priest before it was allowed to take off for its first flight.

Simon and I had a calm flight and practiced around a bit with setting some tasks. We’re ready for the true competition which will start tomorrow. The fact that we’re both very calm and are on one length concerning humor and thoughts makes our cooperation very valuable. 

I noticed once again that I can really enjoy small things. After our landing we saw two huge crane birds flying by. I just absolutely love that. It looked so impressive. Also the sunset with this typical Baltic light was breathtaking. As you can imagine we’re having a good time here. 

Back at the competition center we joined the little welcoming party with a beer and some Lithuanian garlic bread, hmm! I’m so happy to be able to combine the Baltics with ballooning!

This is... the Lithuanian flag!

One of the Lithuanian balloons flying next to us