Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday 24 May: burners, ketchup and wind

Good morning garlic taste! At 08.00 o’clock in the morning we joined the briefing at the Luna hall. It was not so much about the weather and the opportunity to fly, but about safety. Some teams were complaining about the Lithuanian propane. One of the Austrian teams even found little metal pieces in it after filtering. Also the loss of a powerful flame was mentioned. We were asked to do a burner test but didn’t find any problems with our own material. The Schroeder burners seemed more sensitive for it though. The officials offered to use nitrogen in order to pressurize the tanks a bit more. The case of the metal pieces is not solved yet.

We had some lunch in the city center this afternoon. A small dialogue:

Simon: Can I have some French fries as well?

Waitress: Uh?

Simon: Pommes? Pommes frites?

Waitress: Uh… ah… tom… ah… ja ja ja!

*waitress leaving to get some French fries, or, at least, that was what Simon was hoping for*

Nienke: I’m not so sure about this. I think she somehow understood tomatoes instead of fried potatoes.

*waitress coming back with ketchup*

Simon (being polite): Oh, thank you so much!

So, later on we had to get a big ice cream to still Simon’s hunger.

When we just finished our food we got an unexpected visitor wanting to talk to us. Luckily there was a fence in between. The man had been drinking quite a lot and was not able to walk straight anymore. He wanted to have some cigarettes, which we of course didn’t give him. When he finally gave up he touched Lars on his shoulder, afterwards pointing to me. He took a big breath and put up his thumb, still looking at me. Well, a flirt from an old drunk Lithuanian. That was exactly what I was in need of…

Back on the square near the hotel we noticed the wind has quite some changes to undergo before we’ll be able to fly this evening. Some people were putting up tents and installing beer taps because of the Marijampole city days which will take place this weekend. The beer fridges were rolling away because of the wind and also some of the tents took off and landed some meters away. Windy!

Soon a walk through the city center and after that at 18.30 o’clock the evening briefing.

A smile from Lithuanian from all of us!