Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday 26 May: 8th!!!

The championship is over… The last flight was cancelled because of the wind and rain. Since we didn’t agree with one of our results we went to some officials to ask for further explanation. Our result was eventually changed, positively.

Finally the final results were available on the official notice board. One of the French teams started to cheer and shout. The champions! Or? We became shared 8th. At least, that’s what we thought. During a nice diner at the hotel with both of the Swedish teams and the friendly Ukrainian team by my side I was told that the true winner of the competition is Rokas, one of the Lithuanian pilots. At the last moment the French team got a penalty of 500 points because they turned on their ventilator this morning while the red flag was in raised. (Rumour! Seems it was because of distance infringement during the Elbow, task 12. So, there should have been more space in between the thrown markers). Auwch!! The official results furthermore stated that we were now definitely nr. 8. The Austrian team which scored the same eventually had some points less. Whoohoo, 8th!!! You can imagine it was time for a good beer after that news :).

One completely other thing… Some weeks ago I got my driving license. I was very pleased to be able to drive abroad for the first time! Nienke on the road in Lithuania, whoeiii, nice!

Tomorrow the closing ceremony and banquet will be held and after that it's time to go back home. More information about the upcoming picture gallery and movie will be found here soon.

A big thanks for the enormous amount of visitors these days!