Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday 26 May: Third competition flight

As promised now some more information about yesterday’s flight. The tasks were the following: FIN, WSD and ANG. It was quite a struggle to find a suitable launch field because of the variable winds. The flight itself was eventually fine, even though we didn’t manage to score outstanding. The ANG could be quite ok though, but we unfortunately don’t have any official results yet. We did the fastest descending in my ‘balloon career’. My goodness, that went fast, and we were turning around like crazy! When wanting to film just a small part of the city I ended up making a 360 panorama within 12 seconds. Brr! That continued for a while. The landing was a sportive one. Both of my knees are blue now. Four very happy Tadzhikistan guys ran towards us and immediately wanted Tove and me to come stand next to them. Seems they were more interested in a nice pictures with some blondes than the fact we were flying balloons. So, after a picture of a confused but smiling Nienke with a gold-tooth having Tadzhiki guy next to her we packed the balloon and headed to the debriefers. I managed to get some severe stomach pain so I took it slow after the flight. Some painkillers and a good (but too short) night sleep eventually managed to cure. Next to my room a big stage was built up for the Marijampole city days. Most of the night I was troubled by horrible modern party music but luckily I was so tired I eventually caught four hours of sleep. 

The flight of Saturday morning consisted of five tasks. A JDG, HWZ, ‘Pilot declared race to an area’, ELB and FON. The start was horrible. No result for the JDG. But… it seems like we’ll get 1000 points for the HWZ. Yey! Also the Elbow looked quite ok. Let’s wait for the official results now…

At 17.00 o’clock there will be a general debriefing where remarks can be given about the organization of this balloon event. With a little bit of luck we can fly again this evening. This will be the final flight of this championship.

Something else... Do you remember the 'how not to throw a marker' video from the Swedish Championship 2012? Well, we proudly present part two: 'how to throw a marker'. Check it out by clicking here!