Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday 25 May: Second competition flight

This afternoon I discovered the perfect combination for a light lunch. A Belgian ‘Grimbergen’ beer with some cold beet soup and potatoes. I’m very pleased I liked all the Lithuanian food I had till now. This enlarges the change of survival during my future study time in Kaunas :).

At the big square near the hotel a nice market with all kind of local products was built up today. Of lot of self made wooden spoons, typical sour-like bread and other crafts can be bought there. One thing I don’t understand…

 Sad cookies? Why?

This evening we had our second competition flight. More about that tomorrow. I have some very bad stomach pain (oew, maybe the light lunch wasn’t that good after all?) and my alarm clock will ring in about four hours again. So, excuses and hope to see you all here again tomorrow!

For all of you asking about the results: not a lot clear yet, unfortunately!