Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday 25 May: First competition flight

Yes, the first competition flight is a fact! With a full task sheet consisting of five tasks we took off at a field a little bit outside of Marijampole together with a Danish and Ukrainian team if I’m not mistaking. The tasks were the following: FIN, HWZ, PDG, LRN and FON. The start wasn’t that wonderful but Simon did well in the other tasks. We’re very, very curious for the first results! The debriefer told us our LRN was the best he had seen till so far. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The flight itself was wonderful. We saw many storks and a lot of happy Lithuanians fanatically waiving at us with their out-of-bed looks. We were surprised about the Lithuanian farming methods. No machines to milk the cows, just true hands. Everywhere babushka’s were milking cows while having their bike with milk can parked next to them. Lovely. The hilly landscape came as a surprise too. Beautiful!