Thursday, May 17, 2012

FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship in Lithuania

As you might know my blog is about my ballooning adventures and my life in the Baltic States. I’m very pleased to announce that I can finally combine best of two worlds. Next week the 1st FAI Junior World Hot Air Balloon Championship will take place in Marijampole, Lithuania. After having lived in the Baltics for such a long time I sadly have to admit I haven’t seen any single balloon here. Yet! There will be 29 young competitors from all over the world coloring Lithuania’s sky with competitive Racer balloons as well as normal balloons with driven pilots hoping to take the title home with them. 

There won’t be any team representing the Netherlands but therefore, with a little bit of luck, I managed to join another team. This country might be the only one fitting best to my hair color: Sweden! I’m very pleased to join the motivated and enthusiastic team of Simon Josefsson together with his dad and valuable crew members Jonas and Bullen. The Swedish Nationals which took place in February this year proved that this is exactly the team I feel perfectly home at. 

Knowing that the Baltics are normally a bit further ahead in having free internet at restaurants and in hotels I’d like to invite you all to stay informed about the championship through this blog - When we’re not up in the air or in coma because of too early morning flights our team will provide pictures and stories. So, stay tuned!

Since many people think I live in Russia or even Lapland I'd invite you to take a look at the above map. 'Ah, so that's where the Baltics are located', I hear you think. Yes, there. That little piece of land called Kaliningrad which is located in between Lithuania and Poland belongs to Russia by the way.