Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Driving license and scholarship in the pocket!

A successful month in the Netherlands. I managed to reach all the goals I wanted to.

I passed both my theoretical and practical driving license in one time. I just had to pass both exams, otherwise I couldn’t complete my driving project within this one month. I already planned my way back to Latvia and furthermore a week in Lithuania and three weeks in Finland were already scheduled too. No time for re-sits. The pressure was extremely high, especially right before the theoretical exam. Together with 49 other youngsters from the Northern part of the Netherlands I had to undergo all the questions concerning traffic situations, usage of the car and road signs. It didn’t make me feel too comfortable when I heard on forehand that most of the people already did this test three or even four times before but simply failed all the time. What a relief when it was my turn to pick up my result… “Bos, congratulations!”. And that while some of the others failed for the fifth time in a row. 

The driving lessons were a delight. I really enjoyed driving in and around my hometown and also the nice conversations with my instructor Carla made me look forward to all coming instruction hours. Time flew by and the beginning of May I had to drive my  practical exam. It went even better than ever before! So, yes, I passed.

Besides driving around all the time I also presented my future study plans in front of a scholarship committee in Maastricht. Out of sixteen applicants only five eventually managed to get their major study expenses covered with a so called VSB Foundation scholarship. After two long exciting waiting days I was pleased to receive an e-mail which stated I convinced the members of the committee with my study plans in Lithuania. Since this week I also know what the exact amount of the scholarship will be. Yes! This is a huge financial relief. The scholarship won’t cover all my costs but will definitely be a firm support by covering a high tuition fee and the majority of living expenses.

After these successes it’s time to take a rest before next week another adventure will start. More about that soon!