Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MAB 2011: Tuesday 26 July

This morning some rain fronts were present at the area around the launch field, however, they were luckily far away enough to cause any trouble. Conclusion: flyable! It was an extremely grey morning but hundreds of pilots quickly changed it into a colorful one with hundreds of balloons. Some voluntary retrieving brought some nice shots of heaps of balloons over French little villages.
Exhausted Nienke in the early morning with a gigantic Swedish hygienic glove.
After a welcome nap my dad and I took off to Metz. We combined our visit with a short stop at the garage where we left our replacement car. The funny mechanic welcomed us with a happy 'Oooh, mister Bos, hahaha!'. Our own Ford is repaired; dad’s wallet is a lot lighter now but in return we got a nice working car again. We took a cab which brought us from the garage to our hotel. The driver was very talkative. He guessed I was from Sweden and gave me some compliments about my light hair color. I rediscovered the fact that I learned French for some years. I somehow managed to have a half an hour long smooth conversation with the cab driver about balloons, Dutch tulips and Dutch people invading the French motorway. It was extremely rainy once we arrived at the hotel. Luckily the rain soon disappeared and allowed all pilots to make a pleasant flight without too much wind. Once again I had a wonderful time hunting around for nice shots at the launch area.