Saturday, July 23, 2011

MAB 2011: Saturday 23 July

Saturday we took it slow. We didn’t attend the morning flight since we were back around 3 a.m. because of our broken car. The afternoon my dad and I spent at Pont-a-Mousson, where also our hotel can be found. It’s a relatively big village for this area in France. The lovely team from Peter George (from the G-UKUK, ‘Grand Britannia’) with crewmembers Sarah and Isaac took us with them to the launch field for the evening flight. Many new teams arrived this day and it was good to see back friends from Germany, Austria and Belgium. Every two year this ‘one big ballooning family’ feeling shows up again; great! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that wonderful so it was decided to cancel the Saturday evening flight and just drink a beer.
Sarah, Benoît, Isaac, Peter
This evening we had a quick look at the city centre of Pont-a-Mousson. A small concert was held there with a medley of all kind of French chansons. The audience was a bit more enthusiastic than the average audience during a festival in Latvia (which means: actually not enthusiastic at all) but that was maybe due to the fact that it was still early and the beer tents seemed to be forgotten during the planning of the event.
For tomorrow some showers are predicted around 09.00 a.m. and therefore the briefing will be held a little earlier. Time to set my alarm clock now: 04.30 a.m. should be manageable. Last night I almost didn’t sleep because of the cold so my heating system is now making my room into a sauna. Nighty night!