Friday, July 29, 2011

MAB 2011: Friday 29 July

So much fog this morning! When driving towards the launch field we could only look some meters ahead of us. This continued the whole morning: fog, fog and even more fog. The organization still saw a possibility for takeoff and kept the pilots waiting. After a two our nap in the car I noticed the situation still didn’t change. My dad and I drove onto the field and met Hans Pravda and his still half asleep team there. We tried to keep ourselves awake with Austrian homemade schnapps. Good morning! The flight was eventually canceled, as well as the interview which was actually scheduled for today. Off to Nancy for a short city trip then! Together with my dad I walked the Art Nouveau route there. We had a look at Villa Majorelle and the museum of the School of Nancy. Definitely worth a visit if you’re into Art Nouveau. Lovely architecture and furniture can be found there. In a Russian food shop I later on found the curd snacks I normally eat everyday when being in Latvia. Hmm, happy Nienke!
The evening didn’t bring much good. The weather was getting worse and worse and the flight had to be canceled. Back at the hotel Peter, Sarah, my dad and I enjoyed a beer and a delicious cheesecake while watching pictures and movies from flights earlier this week.