Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Finnish adventure has come to an end

I’m safely back home in Riga after a wonderful time in beautiful Finland. I’ll miss this country, the nice courses at the university, the tasty food and my lovely guest family very much!

Yesterday I left Mikkeli around 4.20. It was a sad moment, leaving my guest mom behind crying. The bus ride was one of the best I’ve ever had: pine forest everywhere, lakes with dawn and a pinkish blue sky. Absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed to spot a moose, even though there were warning signs everywhere!

Around 12.00 it was time to fly back from Tampere to Riga. I by the way never saw such a small airport. All RyanAir flights depart from a gate the size of a small bus station. I occupied the row next to the emergency exit since only there I had some space for the long Dutch legs I inherited from my even taller dad.

Felix picked me up from the airport and together we enjoyed the various kinds of Finnish chocolate bars I brought him. Hmm :)!

I can look back with a lot of happiness on the wonderful time I spent in Finland.