Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photoshoot for Latvian designer Sabine Skarule

Around two weeks ago I received an e-mail from my friend, the talented photographer Katrina De Rycke. "I really hope you are in Riga at the moment and have nothing planned for Sunday yet. Because - you know, you would make such a contrast to these clothes that I just can't imagine somebody else for this shooting now!". I planned already a nice lazy Sunday in Tartu together with Felix, so unfortunately, that Sunday was no option for me. I asked Katrina if the date of the shoot could be postponed. I was pleasantly surprised by her answer: "next Tuesday is ok!".

I took the early bus to Riga and met Katrina in a sweet hairdressers shop in a suburb of Riga. We bought some grey fake hair, since the blonde stuff didn't fit to my natural hair colour at all. Back home at Katrina's place Sabine, the designer, unpacked her self made futuristic clothes, the hairdresser was being creative with the grey fake hair and Katrina again proved her make-up artist talents. The atmosphere was great, even though there was a small language barrier. Kristina, the hairdresser, almost only spoke Russian, Sabine preferred to speak Latvian, Katrina spoke Russian as well Latvian and I spoke English with sometimes some Latvian words in between. Katrina's daughter even tried to teach me some Russian. I did my best to teach her some names of colors in Latvian.

The photoshoot took around 10 hours. It was the third time I was working with Katrina and just like last times it went extremely well. Normally 'let's scream and act crazy!' person, but when Katrina gives me a 'mood', the actress in me comes alive. I feel comfortable and free when standing in front of Katrina's camera.

Around 7 o'clock in the evening it was time for a nice meal with the four of us. After that two out of five costumes still had to be photographed, so you can probably imagine I went home extremely late.

It was a wonderful day! Thank you Katrina, Sabine and Kristina!

Some pictures can be found already on however, there are more to come.