Monday, February 7, 2011

The tax payer X-Box

Kristjan: "Look at this, it's a projector"

Nienke: "Oh wow, that's small, it looks like a cell phone"

Kristjan: "It's perfect for presentations"

Nienke: "I believe so. Did you buy it for yourself?"

Kristjan: *pointing at a box standing in the corner of our office*

Nienke: "An X-Box?"

Kristjan: "big smile" + "That's why we actually bought it!"

Nienke: "May I ask who paid for that?"

Kristjan: "The European Union" + *still a big smile*

Nienke: *thinking about all the people who will now complain even more about the European Union* + *quickly forgetting that and realizing there are some fun working hours ahead!*