Friday, February 4, 2011

Small talk with random Estonian

Date: 2 February 2011

Place: Gunpowder Cellar in Tartu

Topic: Nienke being forced by a drunk Estonian guy to have a small talk.

Guy: *seeing Nienke and starting a whole story in Estonian*

Nienke: *raising her eyebrow* + "I have no idea what you just said to me"

Guy: "where are you from?"

Nienke: *noticing the guy is wearing a t-shirt with 'Amsterdam' and a cannabis leaf on it* + "well, normally I speak Dutch"

Guy: "Amsterdam!!" + *filling the fresh air with his not so fresh alcoholic breath*

Nienke: *looking around if one of her friends can get her out of this unwanted situation*

Guy: "I'm a little bit drunk.."

Nienke: "Hmhm, I notice.."

Guy: "I want your phone number!"

Nienke: "Well, the thing is.. I'm very poor; I don't have friends. Because of that I have no phone"

Guy: *being honestly surprised about that answer* + "Where do you live?"

Nienke: "You know that bridge over the Emajogi river? There. In a cardboard box"

Guy: *priceless silence.."

Nienke: *finally rescued by one of her friends*

Guy: *left behind confused*