Thursday, February 24, 2011

Independence Day

Estonia's fist independence was declared in Tallinn, on 24 February 1918. Unfortunately the Estonians could not enjoy this for too long. The Germans and Russians soon took over the power. Only in 1991 the second, and hopefully last, Estonian independence was declared. In 1994 the last Russian troops left Estonia. That's not even that long ago...

I must say I expected some kind of festivities in Tartu because of Independence Day. However, when I walked through the city centre this afternoon it was rather calm. I spotted some lost tourists and some old grandma's with plastic bags from the Maxima supermarket. That was all. Estonians are true natures lovers, so it would actually be no surprise if the inhabitants of Tartu celebrated Independence Day at their small holiday houses in the forest.

The candles in front of the famous 'kissing students under umbrella' statue were the only proof of Independence Day in Estonia I saw today.